2018: Forest tourism becomes the new air port for leisure and holiday development

Recently, the State Forestry Bureau released data shows: 2017 National Forest tourism visitors reached 1.39 billion people, accounting for the proportion of domestic tourism is about 28%, creating a comprehensive social output value of 1.15 trillion yuan.

Forest tourism has become the third forestry pillar industry, after the production of plantation and collection of economic forest products, wood processing and wood bamboo product manufacturing, the annual output value breakthrough trillion yuan.

The prospect of forest health tourism is very promising in the macroscopic situation, which has become the mainstream tourism demand and triggered the dawning of economic tide.

What kind of industry characteristics does forest tourism present?What kind of area is suitable for the development of forest health tourism activities?How to make more forest health tourism areas in the planning and design can not only guarantee the quality of service, but also to create brand characteristics?

I. The concept of forest tourism

Forest tourism refers to the general name of tourism activities, such as sightseeing, leisure, fitness and culture education, which are based on forest, wetland, desert and wildlife resources and their external material environment.

In other words, relying on the "three systems, a diversity" of various types of tourism activities are collectively referred to as forest tourism.

Ii. Characteristics of the industry

According to industry analysis, the current forest tourism in China mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Increase in the number and capacity of various forest destinations

The number of forest destinations has increased from more than 8,000 to more than 9,000 over 5 years ago.Forest Park is still the most important in the development of forest tourism, its annual reception of tourists more than the national annual Forest Tourism 70%, annual reception of more than 1 million visitors, the annual forest tourism income of more than 100 million yuan Forest park number of more than 110.

2. Forest tourism in a variety of new business patterns

The State Forestry Bureau vigorously cultivates the New Forest tourism industry and directs the forest tourism from sightseeing to tourism and forest experience, forest health (culture and culture), leisure vacation, natural education (research and learning), mountain sports, ecological camping and so on.The Social survey of forest tourism demand carried out by the State Forestry Administration shows that forest tourism has become the normal lifestyle and consumption behavior of the public in China, especially the urban residents.

The public motivation for travel and the preference for forest tourism products are diverse, "relaxed mood" has become the main motivation for travel, mountain sports, forest health groups are growing rapidly, and even some people began to walk through the jungle, exploration and other show strong interest, Snow and ice tourism has become an important growth point of forest tourism development in northern China.

3. Increased dissemination of forest tourism

2012, launched the "Chinese Forest Tourism Special logo", completed and opened the Chinese forest Tourism network.Successively opened the "Forest Tourism Network" "China Forest Tourism Festival" "Forest" "Forest trail" and other micro-letter public number, high-density push forest tourism information.

2015-2017, successively in Wuhan, Changbai Mountain, Shanghai held China Forest Tourism Festival.Make full use of newspapers, television, network, micro-credit public number, carried out a variety of promotional activities.

4. Forest tourism demonstration Pilot Multi-point exerting force

Carried out the forest tourism demonstration City County declaration naming work, named National Forest Tourism Demonstration City 13, National Forest tourism demonstration County 75.Many provinces have also carried out "forest tourism demonstration Counties" "forest tourism demonstration Scenic Area" "Forest Town" and other demonstration construction.

State Forestry Bureau identified 18 units to carry out the National Forest experience base, the National forest health base pilot construction, announced the first batch of a total of 5 national Forest trails list.

5. Forest tourism plays an important role in poverty alleviation

Forest tourism has a natural geographical advantage in helping poverty alleviation.The way to increase income includes employment, carrying out individual operation, developing breed breeding, leasing shares and so on.

According to preliminary statistics, relying on forest tourism to achieve income increase of the establishment of the poor population of 350,000 households, 1.1 million people, annual income of 3500 yuan.

Iii. Conditions of development

Among the many ways of health-preserving tourism, forest health tourism is favored by many advantages.The State Forestry Administration issued a dispatch to determine the forest experience and forest health as a future important direction of forest tourism development.

Many health tourism projects are located in the forest, to a large extent, because it can make full use of the high difference, sunshine direction and tree layout, to achieve other terrain and landform conditions difficult to obtain comfortable feeling.

So, what kind of area is suitable for the development of forest health tourism activities?

1. Woodland activity space with rugged terrain and ample capacity

Forest health tourism areas must have the undulating terrain, can not be difficult to enjoy high altitude, steep areas, nor is it too flat, the lack of movement of the attraction of the plains.

At the same time, the scale of the forest should be large enough to ensure adequate outdoor activity capacity, the introduction of more customers, to achieve agglomeration effect.

2. Forest ecosystems with dense vegetation and rich species

Forest health tourism areas must have high forest cover, forest trees as thick as possible to ensure adequate carbon sequestration capacity, release as much negative oxygen ions.On this basis, the forest ecosystem contains the species of animals and plants should be more abundant, can provide the material for the health service and activity development.

3. To have a pleasant body and a longer period of travel between the microclimate

The forest tourism area must have the humidity suitable, the temperature is suitable, the body feeling good microclimate condition, makes the people in among them, feels joyful.On this basis, the duration of pleasant microclimate should be as long as possible, usually taking into account the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn.

4. Have the characteristic property and resources that can combine with the health service

Forest health tourism areas have the best characteristics and can be developed into a health service products characteristics of plant and animal production and hot springs, minerals and other resources, which is to establish a tourism brand, enhance the value of the industry key.

The empirical evidence shows that relying on these properties and resources to carry out food, physiotherapy, shopping and other activities is the main source of income of forest health tourism area.

5. Must have the complete health care Community public service facility system

The Forest health tourism area is confronted with a special guest group with physical and psychological recovery, recuperation and even diagnosis and treatment, and their demand for local public service facilities is usually higher than that of the ordinary passenger group.

In particular, medical, cultural, recreational, sports and other community service facilities, the requirements of the perfect, specific, can be integrated in the health community to meet.

At present, most of the forest health tourism areas in China have a significant gap in the application of forest therapy.Despite the forest bath, the negative oxygen ion concentration and other related nouns are not uncommon, but the specialization degree is obviously insufficient in the specific forest therapy design for the subdivided Guest group, and the allocation of forest plant communities to optimize the effect of forest therapy, which also directly affects the value cognition and price recognition of the forest health tourism in the consumer market, It is difficult to form a real high quality and excellent price service products.

Iv. Planning Essentials

Want to make more forest health tourism areas in the planning and design can not only guarantee the quality of service, but also to create brand characteristics, should follow the following five points.

1. Primary principles for protecting and optimizing forest ecosystems

The planning and design of forest health tourism area must clearly protect and optimize the absolute priority of forest ecosystem.First of all, we should take ecological capacity as the main reference value, scientifically calculate the tourist capacity of forest area, so as to ensure the sustainability of forests and not to suffer irreversible ecological damage because of tourists ' entry.

Secondly, we should optimize the quality, capacity and biodiversity of forest ecosystem by means of forest transformation, species allocation and ecological community construction, so as to make it more suitable for health tourism activities and more attractive tourism.

2. To build a perfect green Road system to guide the forest health activities

The Forest health tourism area should construct the Forest Green Road system.

The main function of the system is to guide tourists to carry out various kinds of forest health activities.First of all, tourists stroll in the Green Road, is in the oxygen-enriched breathing forest bath experience, to achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

Next, the Green Road set up a series of theme activities nodes, such as the forest Yoga platform, Lin water treatment platform, fragrance therapy, such as flower path for visitors to choose the experience, effectively extend their stay time.

Once again, the Green Road should be equipped with a full range of public service facilities, to achieve emergency calls, slow transfer, sitting rest, water supply and other functions to ensure the overall quality of visitors experience.

3. Tap the characteristics of resources to form a brand difference selling point

Forest health tourism areas need to be optimized in the local characteristics of property and resources, to create a differentiated attractive brand health products, in order to compete in the homogeneous quality of the forest tourism market successfully broken the bureau.

Take South Korea's most respected forest health tourism area of the river, the original road and the Jing Road as an example, in particular, it emphasizes the development of health tourism for forest property, and integrates all kinds of medicinal ingredients into outdoor fitness, tourism and catering, professional physiotherapy and souvenir shopping, through the medicine, medicinal diet, herb soup bath, Health products and other categories of deep excavation of the tourist consumer market, to achieve good results.

4. Ensuring the consumption value of tourists with specialized forest therapy

If we want to improve tourism economic performance and seek ideal balance between resource sustainability and value change, we must adhere to the principle of specialization development.

Taking the Japanese forest Therapy design standard as an example, it is required to indicate the necessary information of the therapy line at the entrance of the forest Therapy trail, such as the slope, distance, amount of exercise, and biodiversity information of the route.

The average slope of these lines is usually below 5°, with an average width of 1.5 m-2 m.On this basis, a series of guiding indicators are put forward, including the forest with an average diameter of 50 cm, the most suitable density is 150 strains per hectare-200, and the forest with an average diameter of 30 cm is the most suitable for the density of 400 strains per hectare.

Even so, Japan's forest therapy Base certification standard system is still being perfected, and it currently has two 1-level indicators (natural social indicators and reception capacity indicators), 8 2-level indicators and 28-level indicators.Only such a specialized forest therapy standard system can guarantee the customer value of the related service.

5. The use of living public facilities and property allocation to attract revisit

Forest health tourism areas need to form one or a number of service base, can rely on existing urban villages, can also add new construction resort community, these Community public service facilities system must reflect the characteristics of life, give people a sense of home.

At the same time, in the property type configuration, can not simply accumulate conventional resort hotels, villas and apartments, but to introduce more professional health resort property products, such as in the resort rooms and vacation homes equipped with specialized physiotherapy rooms and equipment, and provide health care butler service.

Thus, effectively strengthen the customer's sense of belonging to the local, it is regarded as a temporary noise, the restoration of physical and mental sustenance, so as to promote their voluntary and constantly revisit and even invest in home.