If you're tired, go on a trip.

The scenery can cure the human mind, when the life is always filled with all sorts of trifles, the heart is always unhappy when you should go out for a walk.

A real trip is not to go to a certain scenic spot to leave a souvenir photo of this visit.But to integrate there, to realize their own life outside the circle of Wonderful.

Empty oneself, come to brand-new place, perhaps walk and then let go, many troubles and pressure also all vanish.

A pure trip is a new place in the new environment, to regain hope, to get a new self.

If work and life make you confused and tired, go out for a walk and return your owe trip.

Go to a place that has been planned for a long time, but has not arrived.

Go to Tibet, go to the snowy plateau to feel the mysterious Tibetan culture, the pure Blue sky, the magnificent sacred Lake of Xiongqi, the mysterious and pious religious belief and the exotic amorous feelings of flowers, embark on the strange and magical land, and follow the Pilgrim's footsteps into the ancient and distant legends.

Into Inner Mongolia, look at the pure bright sky fluttering blossoming floats, the vast lush meadows scattered dotted with white yurts, fresh air, cattle and sheep groups, for the people living in the city, all this is so far and beautiful.

Into Yunnan, the four seasons such as spring Kunming, soft time of Lijiang, simple and good Shangri-La, holy and mysterious Cavagobo God mountain ... No one does not attract the attention of the world, clouds of the south, may be Xanadu.

Visit Dunhuang, see Yadan landform Sunset Infinite, Desert wonders in the flying murals, this is not a mirage, the dream of the last thousand years, lingering in the Mingsha room.

To visit some Jiangnan, to reward this piece of the land of the literati, feel the small bridge water people's dense beauty, experience the soft south of the Yangtze River.Poetry general scenery, such as the dream of Jiangnan, like gently rippling in the green bamboo waves in a leaf of the white sail swaying fantasy, carrying the culture of the ages, playing a gentle song, echoed long ...

Go to a Xiamen, leisurely stroll in Gulangyu, in the café full of literary and artistic breath nap, cycling around the island, to the university to feel the most beautiful campus of a wisp of sunshine, feel the other small fresh.

Find a warm island, embrace the sun, meet the romantic.

To Sanya, the sky, the angle of the sea, nature treasures a piece of precious jade in China's South China Sea, in fact, heaven is so close to us, you can climb the view of the day rock waiting for sunrise, in the coconut Dream Promenade wait for sunset ... In Sanya, you are a spoiled child by nature.

To the world-famous tourist resort Saipan Island, in addition to diving, you can also choose fishing, surfing, helicopters, boat sailing, jungle adventure, submarines, water parachutes and other types of water activities, like the romantic can try Saipan famous sunset cruise.

Go to a life not to miss Romantic island Maldives, blue sky Sea, palm tree Shadow, and love people happy travel.If you have been to Mades, you must have exhausted the language can not express its shock to you, here is not just a honeymoon resort, but let you willing to stop and enjoy a vacuum time of paradise.

Go to the most enthusiastic Hawaiian, experience the tropical, grass skirts fluttering, accompanied by brisk music, enjoy the sun beach and romantic.In Hawaii, the pure environment and ecological balance is perfect, can see a dazzling rainbow bridge appears in front of the eyes, this is called "Rainbow's Hometown".

Find a quiet town, through time and space, enjoy peace.

In Xitang, see "Spring and Autumn water, the town of the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Ming and Qing architecture, modern people", the whole town as picturesque, people in the meantime, suddenly peach blossom qiong Yao, I do not know is a person in the middle of the painting, or painting in the heart of swimming, put the light rain corridor, pedal stone alley, boat sing late, to a dish of green beans with yellow wine, is very comfortable.

To Phoenix ancient city, taste the town of green slate streets, Diaojiaolou side of the river, numerous ancient buildings, as well as the rich Miao amorous feelings, composed of unique Xiangxi flavor, here is very suitable for walking tours.

To Wu Town, the beautiful scenery of the water, the unique flavor of gourmet cuisine, profound cultural heritage shows a fascinating historical picture.In the early morning walk in the alley, count the ancient town of more than 30 old bridges, exposure to an ancient era.

Explore a natural scenery, seize the most clear blue sky and white clouds.

Visit Dali, see Dali "romantic" scenery, from countless details to give people a graceful experience.Chong San temple three towers, Butterfly Springs, Erhai moon, beautiful natural scenery and wearing a white dress of young girls, Dali let people linger.

To Changbai Mountain, in the peaks of the summit to watch inlaid with Wang Sapphire-like fairy pool, pure flawless, only personally standing in this towering peaks of the summit, the heart Touch this one Wang Bao Blue velvet-like, full of silk slippery texture of the water, can feel the indescribable beauty of Changbai Mountain, let people unknowingly intoxicated.

Visit Qinghai Lake, see the Plateau God Lake Blue vast, golden flower field inlaid lake.Walk, watch the sunset, watching migratory birds, cycling around the lake, the scenery is incomparable.

To a pure and tranquil Kanas, a legendary resort, gazing at the dreamy natural sky, the peace of mind, has long forgotten the outside world.Here, the concept of time has become blurred, seems to be in the world, but still based on human.

A trip to foreign countries, feel different culture, appreciate exotic flavor.

Go to Thailand, visit the towering modern buildings and temple temples of the "Angel City" Bangkok, mountains and rivers converge, exudes charming classical temperament of "Thailand North Rose" Chiangmai, beautiful and charming tropical scenery, a wide range of Buddhist culture, unique folk customs, Thailand's fatal attraction is the superposition of the above three, Coupled with the perfect integration of eastern and Western culture, ancient and modern time and space staggered, let you slowly experience exquisite and real Thai life.

Go to a New Zealand, a white cloud-shrouded country, a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, tourism resources are very rich, the national standard of living is very high, sinking into the water in the summer garden to do a sweet dream bar.

Go to Italy, Rome's brilliant, Venetian water, Florence's literature, the Tuscan sunshine, there is always a landscape, to attract your attention.Breathe the art of the air and discover the traces of the Renaissance.

Go to Denmark once, wherever you go, you can feel the atmosphere and the landscape that inspires Anderson to create a world famous fairy tale.The fairy tale makes Denmark tightly connected with the world, renowned for its long and glorious history, and its ancient and luxurious architecture.

Travel back, is a new self, the harvest of new insights, new impetus.

Life is very short, the world is very big, the scenery is very beautiful.

Go out for a walk, when you put aside all the shackles, you will feel the original everything is so simple.If you feel tired, go on a trip.