Liang Shiqiu's prose "Travel"

We Chinese are the people most afraid of traveling.During the famine, they would not easily flee the famine, preferring to eat the grass and bark in their hometowns to swallow the Guanyin earth. After fearing that they have left their homes, they will become hungry in their travels and lose their final rights and interests.As for the people of Xifeng, they are even more reluctant to act rashly. Hang a picture on the wall to see if they can be a “hopping tour” and the so-called “a move is better than a static”.To put it bluntly: "There is nothing new under the sun."Known as the mountains and rivers to win, isn't it a few piles of stones?

I remember when I was a primary school student, outings on the outskirts of the countryside was a heartbeat. It took a long time to prepare for it. It was a great morning, and it was arranged in a team, holding the banner of the school, drumming the lead, and then we had to write an excerpt "Hunting" next week. It is considered that the merits are complete.Traveling once is so solemn!My grandmother, who lived in the city of Hangzhou for more than eighty years of her life, had not once visited the West Lake and finally went once. However, she could not walk and took it to the West Lake. She did not return - buried in the mountains on the lake.

The ancients said: "Is there a few rains in my life?"This is to persuade people to have fun in time, and I am afraid that I will have to pay more for a few pairs of shoes.But is travel really a pleasure?Does it contain many distressing ingredients?

To go out with luggage, a few tens of pounds of tying up and covering the roll is the first obstacle for travelers.If you want to tie it tightly, you need to tie it up nicely, and you need to be in a boxy place. You need to see the corners and see the corners, and you have to be surprised with the big bags of loose stuffing. This is no longer a skillful person's ability to do. Now.There are curious people on the level who want to open it, and it is very difficult to recover after reading."Everything is coming."A lot of people felt that the tour had been exhausted after they had finished playing.In some countries, travel does not need to be covered, as if there are beds where there are bedding, and where there are bedding, there are sheets that can be changed at any time. - Travelers can be unrelated, not necessarily like snails. Walk with the guy who is at home.

It's easy to get a blanket, but you haven't heard of traveling with a bed. There are few bed bugs in the world.I doubt very much about the amount of spiritual tourism the next day after a person's blood transfusion overnight.A friend of mine invented a garment and made a seamless pajamas in accordance with the size of his head and limbs. People drilled in their pajamas, leaving only the first two holes, completely isolated from the outside world—just like that. Some of them are like KKK. It was almost scared to death at night!

The original means of transportation is not enough for the travelers.I think "sliding" and "carriage" are more interesting than aircraft."Your winds, cold and good," it is a fairy career.Traveling on earth, it is still based on the principle of foot landing.We want to see the blossoming white clouds, but we do not want to drill in the crevices; we want to “transcend into the side of the mountain and become different in the distance,” but we do not want to shrink the world into a rockery. Come to appreciate.I regret that Milton's description of the "Sailor's Car" in Middle China has not yet been taken.The original mode of transportation is not a disease. The disease lies in the difficulty of getting a boat. The driver's boat is not easy to wrap.Liu Xie's "buried me buried" is not prepared for dead.

Although traveling is mixed with distress, it is a lot of fun.Travel is a kind of escape, - escape the ugliness of the world."Great hides the sea of ​​people," we are not hidden, hiding in the sea.But how safe is it?It is not easy to get home.Adult laps are in the four-room house, and they will sigh when they don't have to look up at the house. Adult faces will look at the face of the family.The blue sky that can be seen in the home is only a big one.Inexhaustible breeze moon, can not be fully enjoyed at home, to fly a kite need to hold a bamboo pole to climb the ridge, to see the moon rise and fall need to hide neighbors.Walking in the street, bustling, the head is not a human face beast, it is a poor worm.

Under such circumstances, although we have no courage to put our hair into the mountains, why at least we do not have to carry a toothbrush to bunk out for a few days?During the trip, it was ultimately a matter of wind and rain, and then he was tired and reluctant to fly. He felt that "at home for a long time, it would be difficult to go out", so that the intolerable family could be temporarily tolerated.When you are unbearable next time, go out and travel again.Such toss several times, this life will be almost.

There is nothing in the travel that doesn't feel dead, and dullness is fun.Hazlitt Hazlitt advocates no companions when traveling because: "If you say there is a smell in a field of beans on the other side of the road, your partner may not be able to smell it.If you point to something far away, your partner may be nearsighted and have to wear glasses to see."A bad partner is of course cumbersome.However, people are strange animals. Too many people are too tedious and no one is acquainted with it.Noisy ears, noisy, full of groans and fear of bad breath.

Travel is the time to enjoy the blessings, but also want to pull a partner.Only gods and beasts can stand alone.In society, we think that most of us are ignorant of language, avoiding fear or being late. In nature, we feel that people are friendly.The people who had traveled to the Rocky Mountains in the United States told me that if they meet another traveler on the mountain, they will take off their hats and say hello, greeting one or two.Still a habit that is very meaningful.Probably only in the wilderness can we easily feel that people and people belong to a category of animals. Usually we pay too much attention to differences between people.

The real ideal partner is not easy to get. Good friends in the living room are not necessarily good companions for travel. The ideal partner must have many conditions. It should not be too dirty. If you are uncle, you often do not wash your face on January 15. "It's not very itchy and it can't be bathed." There can't be any cleanliness. There must be something like fire and wine. It can't be like a clay sculpture. If a dead fish doesn't open its mouth, it can't be chatter all day long. Do not be foolish, talk and laugh, have movements and quiet, quiet when you can accompanied you to see the line of clouds, listen to the rain, when moving can roll in the grass like a live fish!Where does this partner go?