Jiang Yiyan asked you the best time you want, but it has always been on the way.

Don't let so-called desires bother you

Don't let more fame afflict you

Do not confine you to others’ opinions

Do not change you for what you cannot

Let the mind retreat to its quiet corner

Breathe gently

Those who make you tired

But it was a moment in the time gallery

Instead of caring about people who care about you

Better to find yourself

Life is so short

Oblivion is more absolute than praise

In the days of flight

Let the soul leap ahead of the body

- Jiang Yiyan

Chapter 1 Keeping Your Heart Clean

“By the foundation of life and death, desire is the first”, this is a sentence in the Buddhist classic “The Theory of Intelligence”.The general idea is that desire is a part of human nature and our instinct.At the same time, it is also a driving force for humankind to promote historical progress, social development, and self-improvement.

However, excessive desires will destroy us.

Desire is like a mad long wild grass. If it is not repaired, it will grow endlessly and make people feel mad.

Pruning arrogance can only rationally and calmly handle things; we can only pragmatically eliminate people's emptiness, and we can pragmatically correct people's ignorance.

To minimize their own desires and to sublimate their reason to the highest point is the saint.

Bernard Shaw said:

"Self-control is the instinct of the strongest."

We are not saints or may not be the strongest, but if we can control our own desires and make good use of this power, then we will all become the beneficiaries of desire, not the victims.

Chapter 2 Finding Yourself

The German philosopher Zuo Momo said:

“Don’t worry too much about what other people think or what others think. How others measure you is all about how you measure yourself.Whoever is afraid of death will no longer live.”

Forget the words from where you see it, the greatest benefit of travel is that you can help you quickly find yourself.

In a completely unfamiliar region, feeling different from the culture and customs of your hometown, you may feel embarrassed in some moments, but there will be a sense of relief.

Look at the different landscapes of travel, different people, different ideas, and some things that have been tangled in their hearts for a long time will slowly be put down.

In "Into the Wild" adapted from a real story, the male actor has given up his family's excellent family background. He chose a very different background from that of a prestigious school and chose a completely different way to find himself.

Some people say that watching this movie has one person who has the urge to carry a rucksack and a camera on the road. Others say that they cannot reject the great and poor people in their hearts. Some people even say that even if the protagonist is very charming, it is in society and nature. It is inevitable to follow one side...

Chapter 3 The best time

I have often asked: Where is a good day and how can I have a perfect time?

Later I saw a paragraph:

"When you wrote PPT, the Alaskan squid jumped out of the water. When you read the report, the golden monkey on Baima Snow Mountain just climbed the treetop.When you squeezed into the subway, Tibetan eagles hovered in the clouds. When you quarreled in the meeting, Nepalese backpackers brought their glasses together beside the fire.There are some roads that can't be reached in high heels. There are some air that can't be smelled by perfume. There are people who never meet in the office building.”

Mark Twain said:

"God created Mauritius first and created heaven according to it."


Mauritius, an island located in the southeast corner of Africa, incorporates different cultures and customs.With a stable political economy and a pleasant climate, Chinese residents also enjoy visa-free treatment and are the best choice for your holiday.


Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific. The most famous is the Seven-Colored Coral Sea. If you are lucky, you can see the wild red-breasted parrot.

SuMei Island

Koh Samui is also an island where Chinese residents can land. Although it is also in Thailand, there is no such thing as Phuket.

Chaweng Beach is the most popular beach on Koh Samui, because this beach is about seven kilometers long and crescent-shaped, and it is still rare white.

Real life is our foundation, but sometimes it feels tired and it doesn't matter. Relax.

Pick a small holiday, be it a friend or a family, or travel alone.With his backsliding, he stepped on another piece of land and felt a different air. He relaxed and listened carefully to his heart.

Do not worry, the best time, always on the road...