"Spring Awakening · Recalling Hometown" 2018 National 100 Online Media Enters Shenling Village Tourism Development Summit Forum

Talk about new marketing ideas, and talk about tourism development.On the afternoon of April 25th, “Spring Awakening • Recalling Hometown” 2018 National Network Media 100 Into the Shenling Village Tourism Development Summit Forum was successfully held. Lu Yaowen, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau of Luoning County, was a research fellow of the Institute of Geography of the Henan Academy of Sciences and a tourism planning expert. Gong Xin, Henan planning and design expert Gao Junling, director of Fenghuang Henan Tourism Channel Guo Yingying, general manager of Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. Zhou Baozhong, Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. Deputy Director of Marketing Guo Dong and other guests and Xinhua Net, Dagong, CDC, China.com, Fenghuang.com, China Travel News, Henan Daily, Dahe Daily, Yangguang.com, Hexun.com, Tencent.com, Sina.com, NetEase, Zhengzhou Daily, Henan Travel Mobile News, Dahe.com, MapNet, Sohu Henan Tourism, Henan Tourism Information Network, Henan Baidu, Zhongyuan Network, Henan Tourism Network, Shangdu Network, where to travel network, Jingxiu network, Xinhua small reporter network, China Media News Network, the Yellow River, Beijing Time and other news media editors, photographers, media photographers, travel agencies, outdoor team leaders, self-driving tour managers, etc. More than one hundred people attended the forum.

Welcome Speech by Zhou Baozhong, General Manager of Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd.

Zhou Baozhong hopes that the media reporters and photographers will be able to come to Shenlingzhai in the future, promote more of the Holy Ghost Village, and provide more valuable opinions to help the tourism development of the Holy Ghost Village.He also invited all of you to go to the deity to take a walk in the leisure time, take a look, feel the changing changes in the gods, and enjoy the ecological deity village, the beauty of God Village.

Luo Dong Shen Ling Zhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. Guo Dong, Deputy Director of Marketing

Guo Dong made a comprehensive introduction from the general situation of the Shenlingzhai Scenic Area, the activity preview of the 2018, and the planning of the scenic spots, which made everyone have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of the Luoling Shenlingzhai Scenic Area.

Gong Xin, Research Fellow, Tourism Planning Expert, Institute of Geography, Henan Academy of Sciences

According to Gong Xin, the Shenlingzhai Scenic Area has three prominent advantages. One is the advantages of tourism resources. The Shenlingzhai Scenic Area has a unique granite landscape, and China's Da Shi waterfalls and other mountain water resources are very well matched.Second, the location advantage is obvious and the market resources are good.Third, the food and accommodation of Shenlingzhai Scenic Area is very distinctive. The bamboo culture elements in the hotel are particularly strong, and the Yiyin Restaurant is very good.
In the next step, the planning of the development of the Shenlingzhai Scenic Area should be well planned. Firstly, the functional orientation of the scenic spots should be accurate. The ecological environment of the Shenlingzhai is good. It can do both sightseeing and tourism, as well as leisure, vacation and health tourism; In terms of infrastructure, it is necessary to be more perfect, to increase the characteristics of the basic settings, such as the addition of villas, tree houses, characteristic hotels, etc.; to enhance the details of tourism, to eat, live, travel, travel, purchase, entertainment, etc. In kung fu, you can use the unique granite stone of the deities to cook in stone pots. Bamboo can be used to make bamboo rice and create special foods for the gods.In terms of accommodation, you can make full use of the bamboo and flower resources of the Holy Ling Village, add more bamboo in the room, and put more flowers on it. You can add some climbing plants to the exterior of the building. The ecological environment of the Gods Village is well-matched. It is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. In this respect, the hotel has done very well and can be promoted in the panoramic area.In terms of walking, we must widen the road leading to scenic spots and lay sand and gravel on the roads inside the scenic spots.In the area of ​​travel, we must increase the number of guardrails, sign boards, rest seats, gazebos and other humanized facilities to give tourists a better travel experience.In terms of purchase, we must consider how we can make special tourism products. Shenling Village can enrich stone, bamboo, wood and water resources products and push them to the national market.In terms of entertainment, entertainment facilities can be added. The bonfire party can be combined with food, and beer festivals, music festivals, and other interactive and interactive activities can be held to promote the development of scenic spots.The Shenlingzhai Scenic Area can promote the development of all aspects through publicity. It is necessary to do more media activities and promote the overall benefits of scenic spots through publicity and promotion.

Gao Junling, Henan planning and design expert speaks

Gao Junling mentioned that the visit to the temple was very impressive. The Shining Walled Village has a very unique tourism resource. The stream gathers the water of the northern stream and is very quiet, soothing, beautiful, and beautiful. It is very energetic.Chinese waterfalls in the mountains and rivers can leave a deep impression on tourists.The ecological resources are good, bamboo forests, ancient trees and other animal and plant resources are very rich, and the air quality is good, which is very suitable for leisure, vacation and health tourism.According to the scenic spot of the Shenlingzhai Scenic Area, the construction of such projects as the hotel and the ancient street should be considered comprehensively. The tourism investment and profit model must adapt to the changes in the market, and the promotion of the tourism industry and tourism experience should be considered.In addition, services and infrastructure must also be upgraded. Visitors must be retained to allow visitors to stay and breathe oxygen and vacation.Tourism should pay attention to innovation, tourism souvenirs, catering, specialty products and other aspects should reflect the unique characteristics of God Ling Zhai, so as to create better economic and social benefits.
Shenlingzhai Scenic Area has very good resources and potential. It can attract tourists. It also needs to make efforts in publicity and promotion and make full use of new media.In addition, the information content of the publicity materials in the scenic spots should be rich, and the themes should be prominent. It is necessary to focus on propagating the Dashi Waterfall in China and let the Shenling Village be known to more people.
The atmosphere of the forum was warm and extraordinary. Media representatives, photographers, travel agents, self-driving tour representatives, and outdoor representatives who attended the forum gave their speeches and expressed their opinions on the marketing, management, service, development and construction of Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area. And suggestions.

Grand Public Network representative Duan Xiaoyan spoke
Duan Xiaoyan said that the bamboo forests of Shenlingzhai are the most impressive and beautiful mountains. They are the places of choice for leisure and vacation.

Xinhua Xiao reporter network representative Wu Yongqiang speak

Wu Yongqiang said that Shenzhai Village has beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, simple and generous accommodation, and a green and healthy diet. It can create study tours and expand training. He decided to place the place where the summer camp will be held this year.

He Luowang spoke on behalf of Fan Yi

Fan Ji mentioned that the weather of the gods' village is very good and the rain is abundant. The clouds and mists linger like a fairyland, and there is a sense of a small Jiangnan.There are abundant animal and plant resources and a wide variety of wild flowers and trees. As a plant lover, she feels that this place is full of vigor and is a poetic place.

Sun Yong, representative of Henan Lohas International Hotel Co., Ltd.

Sun Yong said that this is the second time he came to the village of Shenling, where there is a very primitive feeling, the sea is impressive, the Chinese stone waterfall is even more spectacular than the real waterfall, ready to organize Zhengzhou riders to the gods in June and July Walled play.

Jing Xiu League outdoor representative Ma Ming speaks

Ma Ming said that this is the fourth time that he has come to the village of Shenling. He feels that the scenic area has changed greatly. The parking lot, the pavilion, and the farmhouse are clean and tidy. The amount of visitors received has greatly increased. The unique mountain water resources will certainly attract more people who like the outdoors. Come here for sightseeing.

The photographer’s representative Cheng Yuefeng spoke

Cheng Yuefeng said that photography and tourism are closely related. Photography finds beauty and boosts tourism development. Through photography promotion, the influence of scenic spots can be increased.

Mr. Gao Junling Shows Paintings and Calligraphy Works

This work was created by Mr. Gao Junling before coming to the village of Shenling. The monkey is lovely and auspicious.He would like to present this work as a prize to the media friends with the largest number of press releases in the media.

Award-winning guests

The content of the forum's on-site activities was enriched many times. Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area also presented precious stone tablets to the media friends actively promoting scenic spots.The majority of media friends and photographers have stated that they will surely promote and report on the deities, so that more people will know about the deities, learn about the deity, and enter the deity.(Photography: Jin Qi)