Spring Awakening · Recalling His Hometown – 2018 Hundreds of Online Media Entering Shenling Village

The hospitable people of Luoning warmly welcome their leaders and media friends

"Spring Wake • Recalling Hometown" 2018 National Network Media Enters Shenling Village

        Luo Ning is very strong in April and the area welcomes guests from all directions.This morning, the Spring Awakening and Recalling Hometown - 2018 National Network Media 100 Into the Holy Ling Village started the ceremony at the Shenling Village Tourist Service Center.Nearly 100 media concentrated on visiting and investigating the rich tourism resources of Shenling Village.Han Lili, deputy head of the People's Government of Luoning County, Jia Yutang, Director of Luoning County Tourism Bureau, Lei Yaowen, Deputy Director of Luoning County Tourism Bureau, Zhao Xuyang, Mayor of Luokou County People's Government, He Liangan, President of Henan Shentai Holding Group, Vice President of Business and Tourism Center Li Lei, Chairman of Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. Wang Feng, Researcher of the Institute of Geography, Henan Academy of Sciences, Tourism Planning Expert Gong Xin, Henan Planning and Design Expert Gao Junling, Phoenix Network Henan Tourism Channel Director Guo Yingying, Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Spot Management Limited Zhou Baozhong, general manager of the company, Feng Liu, deputy director of the Henan Tourism Channel, Liu Wei, Guo Dong, Deputy Marketing Manager of Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd., and Xinhuanet, Dagonggong, CDC, China.com, Fenghuang.com, China Travel News, and Henan More than one hundred people, including editors, photographers, photographers, media geeks, travel agencies, outdoor team leaders, and self-driving tour managers of news media such as the daily newspaper, attended the launch ceremony.

Han Lili, deputy head of Luoning County People's Government, gave a welcome speech

        Ms. Han Lili expressed her warm welcome to all the media workers on behalf of the Government of Lonin. She said that Luoning is one of the birthplaces of Huaxia civilization. It has a long history, splendid culture, beautiful scenery, good ecology, and numerous natural and cultural landscapes. The ideal place for cultural and ecological tourism.Shenlingzhai is the only national 4A tourist attraction in the county and is also a leading scenic spot in Luoning.This event will further enhance the reputation, influence, and influence of Shenling Village, so that more people will know about Lonin, understand Lonin, and enter the city of Lonin, which will have a positive impact on the development of tourism in Lonin. The role.

Jia Yutang, Director of Luoning County Tourism Bureau presided over the launch ceremony

Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. General Manager Zhou Baozhong introduces Shenlingzhai Scenic Area

        Afterwards, Mr. Zhou Baozhong introduced that Luoning is a beautiful city, and Shenling Village is the only national 4A scenic spot in Luoning County that can best reflect the beautiful word. In the spring of all things recovering, tourists can walk into the village of Shenling and use their fingertips. Touch the waters of the gods, view the largest stone waterfall group in Central China, and experience the uncanny workmanship of nature!Luoyang Shenlingzhai Scenic Area is located in Luoning County, Henan Province, which is known as “Northern Country Bamboo Township” and is 90 kilometers away from the ancient capital of Luoyang. It is a national forest park and a national-level geological park, and has a “Henan Province Ecological Civilization Education Base” and “Henan Province. "Ten beautiful geological landscape" in the world.There are complete facilities for expanding bases in the scenic spot, and high-, middle- and low-grade hotels are readily available. Large and small conference rooms are available, and special restaurants are suitable for all age groups. It is the best choice for training, conferences, conventions, health promotion, entertainment and leisure activities.This year, in order to realize leap-forward development throughout the year and build a national tourism resort, this year's scenic spot will strive to bring new and comfortable experiences to tourists from all walks of life with high demands and high standards.

Shenlingzhai Ancient Ecological Bamboo Forest

        This year, in order to realize leap-forward development throughout the year and build a national tourism resort, this year's scenic spot will strive to bring new and comfortable experiences to tourists from all walks of life with high demands and high standards.Shenlingzhai has carefully planned and launched a series of colorful decompression activities. The interesting and novel “Ahh Spring” provides tourists with a new way of shouting and decompression. The colorful and slippery experience allows visitors to experience the irritation that comes from a high altitude. Prairie yurts allow visitors to experience authentic Mongolian style without going too far.

Shenling Village colorful dry land

Shenlingzhai Alpine Prairie Yurt

Shenlingzhai "Ahh Spring"

        The organizer of the event, Ms. Yingying Ying, Director of the Phoenix Tourism Henan Tourism Channel, explained that this event hopes to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with all walks of life through the role of the platform and realize the responsibilities and goals of the media to boost local economic development.

Finally, Mr. He Liang'an, president of Shentai Group, announced that the media event ceremony was officially launched.

He Liang'an, president of Henan Shentai Holding Group, announced the opening of the media event

        After the ceremony, leaders, guests, and friends from the media visited the scenic spot to collect the winds. The beautiful scenery of the Hanfu beauty catwalk and the Shenlingzhai scenic spot radiated with each other to form a beautiful picture. Many media friends and photographers came together. Raise the camera and record the natural beauty of the deities in the lens.

Han clothing beauty tour Shenling Zhaitou Ferry Bridge

Beauty tourists revel in the beauty of the gods

        Luo Ning is a beautiful land, and the blessed deity is like a piece of music. It spreads beautiful stories between the heavens. It is a perfect place for sightseeing, leisure, and health.Luoning County was listed as a national garden county by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2017. In the future, it will continue to adhere to the concept of green development, collaborate and seek common development in the region, and expect more media workers to share and witness this with the warm and hospitable people of Luoning. The joy!