Full Mountain Red scarf!This is Children's Day, here's the thing!

As a child, there is a kind of pride

Ask the teacher to tell you:

From now on, you are a young pioneer!

Photo: @ Height 190 handsome in hair

Do you remember the excitement of joining the young pioneers?

Remember that red scarf in the bag?

Children's Day, and I want to wear a red scarf again.

Let's go to the Spirit Village.

This heartily

We are all the red scarves!

Tie the red scarf over Children's Day flying heart that 12-year-old you

Goodbye May Youth Hello

June 1-Number 3rd to the Spirit Village

Free collar Red scarf

Colorful Windmill chute Parent-child playground free to fly


Summer Play Water Photography

Enjoy the easy time


The Spirit Village Dry Slip Experience Coupon 6.1-6.2 still valid

Experience voucher for children under 14 years old

Free tickets

(Need to purchase insurance 5 yuan/person, small traffic 10 yuan/person)

Up to June 30

For all legal retirement ages

Men over 60 years old, women over 55 years old

Free tickets

(Insurance 5 yuan/person, small traffic 20 yuan/person)

Whether you're 708090 or later,

The gods have invited you to Joy Children's Day!