Luoyang God Village Dragon Boat Festival "Babel" dumplings, light to see all drooling!

Folk legends Eat Zongzi is to commemorate Qu Yuan.As one of the most profound traditional food in Chinese history and culture, Zongzi has spread far and wide.Zongzi is not only a lot of shapes, varieties vary, because of different flavors in China, mainly sweet and salty two kinds.

The Dragon Boat Festival, dumplings are the materials used in the original ecological bamboo leaves, as well as bamboo to make zongzi.

A beautiful woman with the spirit of the village of bamboo dumplings, this zongzi not only edible easy to eat, can be directly eaten with a spoon, do not have to consider getting the sticky hand.

The same bamboo dumplings, this is more ornamental, a variety of materials with Zongzi.Taste not only rich in layers, but also full of bamboo fragrance, very delicious.

In addition to bamboo dumplings, will also be used to dry bamboo dumplings wrapped in traditional shape."Angular, Heart has liver, a white, discovers torment, the shape of its zongzi is also described in the description of Qu Yuan."

The dried bamboo leaves should be soaked and washed with water before the package.

Luoning County Zongzi also belongs to the northern Zongzi, mainly sweet, but the use of material is extremely rich, including glutinous rice, black rice, corn, soybeans, peanuts, jujube, bamboo leaves eight kinds of materials, therefore, can also be called "Babel" Zongzi, in China, a zongzi in the use of so many kinds of materials of zongzi is also extremely rare.