I like traveling, and I prefer to travel alone and quietly.

I like traveling, and I prefer to travel alone and quietly.

I like quiet, also like to travel, prefer a person to travel quietly.A person's world is also very beautiful, the kind of beautiful from the heart of the "open", noisy world, will only make me feel depressed, temper will be more and more big.Solitary, traveled every familiar street, the quiet world is beautiful, the United States let people indulge, long wandering in the ocean of quiet.

Travel, the biggest travel is a person's life, the arrival of people, after years of grinding, sadness, Huan, away, the transformation of the combination, eventually to a static world, the end of life.In this way, a trip terminated, the end of the silent, even the journey of memory, also be blown away by the wind.

I like the kind of travel by car, quietly sitting in the soft seat, sometimes close my eyes, imagination, at this time, a string of beautiful words will float in my mind, sometimes feel, this full of a car, carrying me too much too much miss.

Travel is really a good thing, travel is the beginning of entertainment, travel, can make their impetuous heart, calm down, followed, slowly enjoy a better life, even breathing the air is sweet.I often travel, of course, with the real tourists far away, I at most is in the periphery walk, and not too much travel far.But I still like to travel.

Sometimes I open my eyes and enjoy the scenery of the past, if in spring, will also see that layer of dirt-stained soil, by the Earth's mother all spoiled by the green wheat field, the wheat field exudes fragrance, will make you jealous, it seems to show off to you, it is how happy, that feeling will make their own noisy and angry.

I really like this kind of travel, simple, no baggage, no one to disturb, no noise, everything is so quiet, in the silent world bloom themselves, let their own bold imagination, unrestrained.

Sometimes, too obsessed with such a comfortable imagination, indulge in the window beautiful flowers and grasses, mud, houses, every street, every wonderful scene.Foolishly riding in the car, time and time to travel, imagining, Miss ...

Remember once, no matter, no purpose of sitting on the car, began a perfect trip, and that unusual is, the beginning of a trip, on the way only after a few short steps, on the way back.

The bus to the station, had to get off, under the car only a few steps, and set foot on another home car, such a trip, say I am afraid will let a lot of people laugh, ridicule is how stupid a person, have not experienced the people, will not have feelings, the kind of beauty will not experience.

A person, sometimes a person is also very good, a person also should have their own happiness, also should let their life become colorful, a person's life should also be full of love, a person's travel, is so memorable, everywhere full of hope.

Quiet world, there will be colorful imagination, also will be calm, a person's travel, but also another taste.