Sanvo to, Luoyang this place 24 ℃ cool ground, than air conditioning room cool 10 times times!

Today Sovo

Officially into the barbecue mode

This year, the dog of the abuser is a full 40 days.

July 17---July 26


July 27---August 15


August 16---August 25


Sovo Timetable

And look at the temperature of Sanvo.

Almost every day, about 35 degrees.

In "Heat to deformation", "Hot to Variant", "Hot to sad" weather

Are you ready to take the "bake" Test?

To rest well, to keep a good sleep,

So as not to reduce body resistance.

To appropriate drinking water, eat more watermelon, pear and other fruits,

As well as mung bean soup, Zoe and other summer drinks.

After the exercise to timely replenishment of water,

People who sweat more can drink some light brine a few times.

If you feel unwell when you travel or travel,

It can be used for some benevolence, eugenol, fengyoujing,

Ten drops of water, mint ingots and other cooling drugs.


Luoning still hides a cool, 24 ℃.

Forest Park Spirit Village

It is said to be cooler than air-conditioned room, more comfortable than GE paralysis!


Forest cover 98%, away from urban heat island effect

Green, refusing to dry

Thousand springs hundred waterfalls, rainbow illusion out

Canyon waterfall, refreshing and pleasant

Blue sky and white clouds, grassland customs

Colorful fairy tale world, play summer fun constantly!

In the evening at the Yi Hall, Zi Zhu Yuan

The surrounding reflection like painting, beautiful scenery

Lying in bed, comfortable.

As the saying goes--

"Buried her head dumplings, Shivu noodles, dog pancake eggs"

The C-position of the dumpling World serves

Non-luoning jelly dumplings

Jelly, dumplings, tofu, meat, the material is more really

Don't eat it for days.

Enjoy the coolness of 24°c in summer,

There are stars, waterfalls, food,

The colorful dry and slippery, ah ah shout Spring

You're not coming?!

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