SplashingBare Feet!Wet your body!You can play as much as you want in summer!

The stove, the oven, the steamer.

Everywhere scorching

But the spirit village is so cool

24 ℃ of cool and super lively

Afraid not all of the great Luoyang people are coming!

The sacred water Carnival of the gods

The waterfall runs straight down the waterfall

Water splashing war, cool carnival

Bare feet, like how to play on how to play!

Beautiful scenery, play, splashing, catching fish, shouting

Contracted the coolness of the whole summer!

The Cool trip

Children's favorite water gun war is coming!

The battle is full and the joy is constant

Sahuan, enjoy the summer!

A trip to the parents

Fishing, catching shrimp, playing.

Spend an unforgettable summer with the baby

Treasure Mother Treasure, what are you waiting for?

A journey of excitement


Red and colorful slide net

Take a pat, the United States Blow your circle of friends!

The wonder of the spring, the louder the sound, the higher the spray.

Scream and unleash your addiction!

The village of cool and cheerful spirits

Not come to miss a billion

Not the same summer carnival, waiting for you hey!