Dog Heaven will Go!Beautiful and cool, only locals know!

On a hot summer day, you must go to the mountains to get a summer vacation.At this time the spirit of the village is the best place to cool the summer.Here the water is directly in the stone, very clean, play with the water directly, no impurities, water crystal clear, there are many small fish.

Here, you can really see the spring stone high.

The water stays out of the stone seam, super cool.

Go directly into the water, some of which are slightly darker and can swim.This is the waterfall cave landscape, you can go to the back of the water, there are stone table stone Stool!

Splashing here is the best experience, crystal clear, choose in shallow water place, not very cool.

Can be splashing, also can climb mountains, take the scenic link, on five female peaks, about one hours.

The most famous of the gods is the Great stone waterfall in China, because the veins formed on the rocks over the years seem like waterfalls, spectacular and peculiar.

Although it is a mountain climbing, but the trees flourish along the way, basically not bask.Also have the donkey friend harvest quite abundant, have Ganoderma lucidum!

The spiritual village is such a mysterious and abundant place, its original beautiful is worth you to come here to feel, about good friend, to a relaxed decompression summer trip!