Chushu | It is a good time to travel to meet autumn!

Chushu has arrived

Heat gradual stop

Cloud Cirrus Comfort

Welcome to Autumn

After the beginning of autumn, the sky of those clouds also appear evacuated and free, unlike summer great heat thick clouds into pieces, folk have "seven month August see Qiao Yun said."

The autumn breeze sends the cool, the pleasant fall lets the person entire summer dispirited spirit also with the weather turns cool and awakens.

Chushu Travel

After the Chushu, autumn gradually, it is a good time for people to swim in the country to welcome the autumn scenery.

Autumn, the spirit of the village, the fire is warm, the whole valley is overflowing color!

Feel the cool of the summer in the Spirit Village

I can't miss it.

The autumn is breathtaking!

Eat ducks

 Folk have Chushu eat ducks custom, the practice is also a variety of, there are white cut ducks, lemon duck, son Jiang, roast duck, lotus leaf Duck, Walnut duck and so on.

Put the river Light

River Lamp is also called "Lotus Lantern", is generally placed on the base of lamps or candles, lyrun placed in the rivers, let its drift pan.

Open Fish Festival

For coastal fishermen, Chushu after the harvest season, every year during the summer, in Zhejiang Province, the coast of the annual grand opening of the fishing festival, decided in the East China Sea end of the day, held a grand opening of the fishing ceremony, farewell fishermen sail to sea.

Chushu Wellness

Chushu Health, run lung anti-dryness and anti-autumn, Chushu season is in the alternating period from the heat to cool, the natural Yang Qi from the dredging trend convergence, the human body yin and yang Qi Rise and Fall also with the conversion.At this time the person's living should be adjusted accordingly, especially sleep to be adequate, preferably more than usual sleep one hours, because only in this way, can adapt to "autumn is not spent."

More porridge run dry, chushu solar terms can also be porridge to replenish moisture.First of all, porridge is mostly rice, noodles, grains as raw materials, in line with the "Chinese Dietary Guidelines" in the "cereal-based, thickness collocation" principle.

Second, the porridge is strong, want to point "fishy", chicken and duck fish egg milk can be added to, want to eat light, can add vegetables, fruits and so on; want to "dazzle rich", you can add sea cucumber abalone delicacies; think "civilians", add sweet potato yam potatoes; can also be any combination, it is easy to achieve food diversity.The third, used to boil porridge grains, generally do not need grinding processing, cereal surface contains vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and dietary fiber can all be preserved, to avoid the loss of nutrients.

The weather gradually cooled, and the autumn grew thicker.Are you ready to meet the fall?