August's most spectacular meteor shower countdown, who do you want to watch with?

How long have you not seen the stars in the sky?

Summer night sky is the most beautiful time of the year, this August, not only the Milky Way, there will be many spectacular meteor showers, but also in the evening to enjoy one-fifth sunsets, how beautiful picture!As one of the best ornamental land, the spiritual Fortress National Forest Park will also witness these miracles unfold.

1. Partial solar eclipse
August 11, there will be a partial eclipse in the sky.In fact, there will be three partial solar eclipse in 2018, but only this one can be a glimpse of it in our territory.

11th (Saturday) around 18 o'clock in the evening, the eclipse will begin from the northernmost end of northeast China, until 19:30 around the end, China's northeast, north, central China, east China, most of the region can be seen with food sunset.Go northwest and you'll see the whole process.

The following picture is "with the food Sunset" area, the great Henan is in the perfect view, will be very good-looking yo!(If the weather is good.)

2. Perseus meteor shower
August 13, the annual, prestigious Perseus meteor shower, in the early morning across the night sky.Meteor showers will rise around 10 o'clock in the evening, and the beautiful meteor showers can be seen with the naked eye.It is said that the maximum value of this year can reach 100 to 140 stars per hour.

2017 Perseus meteor shower Jean-francois Graffand

As one of the four major meteor showers in the northern hemisphere, each year, the Perseus will become the highlight of the summer night sky, it is not only large flow, and high brightness, plus this year Perseus Meteor great period coincides with the new moon, so very suitable for observation and shooting.

2017 Perseus meteor shower Petr Horálek

3, the spirit of the village of the brilliant Xinghai
The city's lights will cover the Meteor starlight, so it is difficult to see meteor showers in cities, towns and even villages.But as a state-level forest Park, geological park, the site open, away from light pollution, the most able to take the ultimate and romantic picture!

And from the urban driving only 1.5 hours, and the love of the people sleeping in the original magnificent forest above, looking up to the bright milky galaxy, will certainly become a life unforgettable memories.

"Warm Tips"

Night shooting meteor shower should pay attention to keep warm, even in summer, the mountain night temperature will be low, and also remember to carry mosquito drugs, and then prepare some food and water, after all, to watch for hours, to maintain physical strength is the most important.

This August, the Spirit village contracted your stars to the sea

See the meteor across the wilderness

and the Xinghai romance

To this unique dream trip.