Do not live in the spring, only the gods of the most lively

People often say that miss a place because there are people who have to miss, maybe For a long time did not go there, probably because there is no such person, so easy to forget?


Weekend free, coincides with the vernal equinox, friends proposed to Luoning Shen Lingzhai leisurely one. God Lingzhai heart as if the needle stabbed a bit, because the place is too familiar, it is not a place where you have been repeatedly. Flowers and flowers open, the building today in the silent moment, drove to meet again with the landscape here.


Along the way, quiet yellow cover Tsui, mountain peaks, bridges, as well as early spring that light apricot fragrance, let me sleep slowly recovery, to remind this place I was really come


"Lang riding bamboo horse, around the bed to get green plum", this is not the gods of the piece of lush bamboo forest? You say you like bamboo, so I like the gods Walled. Today, this piece of green god of this wall of the green than those years when the more flourishing, you like bamboo, why now do not look at it?


"People do not know where to go, peach is still laughing spring." In March, the spring song, the gods of the little bit of the mountain flowers have been competing in full bloom, exposing her beauty, but you have been nostalgic for that piece of flowers have been visitors, laughter noisy, but has long been missing you shadow.


"Stream gurgling, pat heart". Gods fairy mountain waterfall fly straight down like a woman scattered flowers. When the stream surging, sometimes quiet, surging when the Galaxy down, quiet, such as weak Liu Fufeng. A river spring water from top to bottom day and night non-stop running more than one, persistent refused to look at the handsome cross-strait mountain. As I can not stop the youth, time flies, wash the lead Hua, no longer look back when the young look.


"Walk at the crossroads of life, to the left or right." This is not that you and I argue is to see the big stone waterfall or take the five female peaks of the crossroads? You say you like the big stone waterfall, it is magnificent shock; you say you like the five female peaks, it is tall and straight. Finally you choose the big stone waterfall, you say it is the only choice.


In this way, in the mountains all the way to the road, all the way to remember, a mountain of a stone, a grass, both strange and familiar.


Some people, one is the Millennium, life and death no longer meet, some things, turned around forever, old do not want to mention.


Now, the edge of the edge of the bulk of things, people are not, but I can still meet here and the landscape. The sea is not dry, the stone is not bad, perhaps only the landscape is I can not leave the companionship.


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Driving route:

1, Zhengzhou direction: Zheng Lu high-speed - Luoyang high-speed - Luoyang high-speed zone (Luoyang High-tech Zone, Yiyang exit) - Yiyang - Luoning - Jiankou Township - Shen Ling Village.

2, Luoyang direction: from Luoyang City, a transport bus station to Luoning West flower bed or Zheng Lu high-speed - Luoning East Station, and then take the bus to the area. Every 10 minutes.

3, Sanmenxia direction: Luo three road (310 National Road) - Luoning - Jiankou Township - Shen Ling Village

4, Xi'an direction: even Huo high-speed - Sanmenxia East mouth - Luo three road - Luoning - stream Township - Shen Lingzhai

5, Yuncheng direction: Jinyu high-speed - Sanmenxia East mouth - Luo three road - Luoning - Jiankou Township - Shen Lingzhai

6, Luanchuan direction: Luo Luan Highway - Luoning - Jiankou Township - God Ling Village