Gods mountain language, tea years

When we are old

Faded the naive face

Is willing to be with you in the calm landscape

Enjoy the beauty of time, by the life of Enron

When we are old

No longer walk

Soak a pot of tea, listen to a song

Let the time go slowly from the pot

When we are old

Tired of the city's bustling

Go to a quiet place

Tea together, hand in hand to the old

When we are old

The heart is settled

Remember our common youth

In this quiet place, soak a pot of tea

When we are old

Love is gone

Temples are already white

The remaining time is running out

Let our story follow the tea has been handed down to the vast sea, slowly long way;

I met you and became the most beautiful of each other

End of the World Road, love, infatuated;

Broken intestinal cliff, the wind gently blowing, rain under the soft