Gods stream, quiet beauty

Quiet, is an ultimate beauty.

Looked at the ancient silence of the sky, profanity of the vast expanse of the sea, gaze rolling red flying, appreciate the tenacity of life and small, bear the life can not afford to bear the process as a pleasure, which is quiet.

Quiet is a force. A kind of inner shock of the power of the soul, a Jiao and small tiger ears in the dream of light song, singing but with the evergreen water more drifting away.

Quiet is a kind of precipitation. She filtered the turbidity, the clarity into the life, so that the heart of the sky as pure as the rain.

Quiet, is a connotation. Is a "mining Chrysanthemum" under a relieved; is "no one thing, where the dust" an indifferent.

Quiet, is a realm. Do not carve, is the refraction of cultivation, is the flow of light years out of the accumulation of refining, is quietly open in the dust of the flower, is trickle stream,