5.19 China Tourism Day, Shen Lingzhai scenic area free tickets

China Tourism Day, is the annual May 19, illegal holidays. The festival originated in May 19, 2001, Zhejiang Ninghai people Ma Shaoqin Ninghai Xu Xiake travel club in the name of the community issued a "China Tourism Day" initiative, the proposed "Xu Travels" first "tour Tiantai diary" opening Day (May 19) named China Tourism Day.

March 30, 2011, the State Council executive meeting adopted a resolution: since 2011, every year on May 19 as "China Tourism Day".

2011 theme of the first China Tourism Day: "read the book, line Miles"

2012 theme of the second China Tourism Day: "love travel, love life"

2013 China Tourism Day theme: "leisure Huimin, beautiful China"

2014 China Tourism Day theme: "happy tourism, public welfare Huimin"

China Tourism Day 2015 theme: "new travel, new normal"

2016 China Tourism Day Theme: "Tourism for Development, Tourism for Poverty Alleviation, Tourism for Peace"

2017 China Tourism Day theme: "travel to make life more happy"

In order to respond positively to this call, the scenic spot decided on May 19, 2017 Scenic area free reception of tourists, do not buy tickets, visitors only need to buy personal accident insurance 5 yuan / person can visit the park!