Careers, to wait for you, to wait for you!

Due to scenic development needs recruitment positions are as follows:

First, the marketing department

The current department has the following positions: virtual bit waiting to wait for you! The The

Luoyang market commissioner 2
Zhengzhou market commissioner 2
Scenic market reception 1

Salary: 2000 ~ 3500
(Basic salary + performance + commission + rice supplement + free accommodation)

Second, a weak engineer

1, responsible for the panoramic electrical equipment testing and maintenance
2, to comply with the rules and regulations, the implementation of the job safety procedures, the safety of the job responsible for the post
3, have a certain work experience

Salary: Negotiable

Third, the hotel reception staff 2

1, correct, good attitude
2, in accordance with the work procedures and standards to do the work
3, have a wealth of work experience and the ability to deal with things

Salary: Negotiable

Tel: 0379--66139887
Resume delivery:
Company Address: Luoyang City Luoning County Jiankou Township Shenling Village Scenic Area