If someone asked you how to play in the holiday, tosses him this!I will give you for free!

11 holiday is coming up soon

The end!Yu!You want to!Put!Fake!!

If someone asks where you go on vacation,

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Hill show, music, food, water tents star light ... ...

All in gods village!

1. how to play?

9.22-10.7 Starlight Music Festival 

Give you a passion for happy Carnival of music, whatever you want to hear it!Ethnic, pop, rock, rap, pop, metal, hard rock ... ... Enjoy the release, hey the audience with them!

Mountain scenery

Hi enough in the evening, daytime shopping fun!Five women and five women peaks Pavilion to see wonders of the China's largest stone waterfall and drape walls, the wind sing fun!Holidays is to let the body and soul enjoy fly!

2. How do you eat?

Musical beauty of course food!

Yi Yinguan, zizhuyuan already ready for you!Food Festival not only has thirty or forty hot food, as well as top chef designs Cook for you!Nourish yourself look like, is it mouth?

3. how to live?

Gods Zhai posthouse hotel has more than 100 rooms, simple and comfortable yet elegant, completely original, light and window size are carefully measured, brought satisfied completely for your holiday trip!

4. key in the key

Our forwarding/mail music festival tickets-grant activities continue Oh!Received small reply friends rushed to the gods of village Visitor Center tickets now!

10.1 music festival tickets will be available free to the Park;

During the national day tickets half-price discount for present music festival tickets!

Ticket address: gods village Visitor Center

What else can feel free to contact

Please call me Lei Feng Xiao bian

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Traffic route

All over the city, Zhai Freeway gods scenic area

Luoyang directions: on Zhou Shan Lu Cheng--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Directions in XI ' an: XI-Tong Expressway--of Lian-Huo Expressway-three Zhejiang Expressway – Zheng Lu--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Zhengzhou: Zheng Shaoluo high speed (Huo high-speed)-Zheng Lu high-speed--gods village (3h, 230km)

Luanchuan direction: Luan high speed-high speed – Zheng Lu-Ning Luo, Luo--yongning road at high speed – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Yuncheng direction: shipped three high speed-high-speed--high-speed-Lian-Huo-Zheng Lu-yongning road – one way – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Sanmenxia directions: East haven station-three sound at high speed on high-speed – Zheng Lu-concentric-yongning road – road – xinningda – Jian Shen Lu Zhai--gods scenic area

Sanmenxia (low): sanmenxia Station Road (State Road 310)-before junction go to Highway 249-the Palace Xiang--Xiao Jie Xiang Jian Kou Xiang Zhai--gods--scenic area

God village area Tel: