Gift is not back in the fleeting

Flashy eyes, beautiful ashes, let
Covered with your thorny life, so cherish the love of love
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Spring water gurgling, endless stream, that gone a little bit, do you really grasped? Peach burning, Liu Yiyi, that spend a wood, do you really watched? Mountain precarious, snow-capped, that mountain a ice, do you really experience it?

Old time
Always haunting my restless rest, thinly spread in the palm of your hand, I clearly see the memory of the context as palmprint-like staggered. Memory is like a yoke, sometimes clinging to your footsteps, but
Is composed of each section of the memory, and only cherish every step, you can really appreciate the beauty of life and really touched.

A cavity treasure gift
fleeting time
Rheological, do you make the old days become wasted years, I do not know treasure? The passage of time, whether you let yesterday's regret locked in the stage of the spirits, I do not know the struggle? Everyone is always looking forward to a lot of later, how long after the future, one step away or close at hand? Life is real, because you can touch the pain of life; life is illusory, it is Jiangnan misty rain in the drop of drops of water. Although the power of the dust is difficult to match, but as long as the treasure, there will be a part of our own mind Pure Land. Look up at the sky, that piece of Jiangnan misty rain, clear and accessible, but so floating so fragrant ... ...

Not a never rotation of the record,
Nor is it a never-ending look. We can not stop the passage of time, but we can cherish the years of years in the bit by bit. Nine days of flying eagle to endure the risk of broken cliffs flatter the setbacks, the ultimate success of the majestic majestic; flowers between the butterflies bear the pain of hard to cherish the setbacks, the final achievements dancing. In the years of the river, we should cherish every moment in life, do not make an excuse for their own, after the future can only rely on the present to create, so, please cherish now. The passage of time, lips no longer, will cherish the tight grip, into your warm pocket, in order to cherish the life of the fire candle!

A cavity treasure gift year. Sunflowers know how to cherish every beam of sunshine, robust
growing up
; Chrysanthemum know how to cherish every drop of rain, born Peng hair. Years are a runaway horse gone, we have chosen the front, we must take into account the wind and rain; since the choice of both wind and rain, we must know how to cherish.
The net

We are always in the life of the crossroads of anxious, everyone knows that the passage of time, it will take away people's lives, face ... ... and how many people know how to cherish? Hu Yang know how to cherish, with the fall does not rot, rot the regeneration of the Millennium vitality, so that it is still in the sky under the burning of perseverance, in the vast expansive creeping forward, it cherishes every moment of tempered, not gorgeous noble, Just for
Tough, calmly belong to the self
Pure land. It is dealing with the eagle hawk, and the solitary wind companion is still cherished, standing to watch their own spiritual home. Because cherished, so tough.

I am willing to cover the sky when you are old, leaving a shade of the sky; I am willing to guard my people in your staggering rickets when the wind and rain, leaving a warm; I wish Into the guardian of the most sincere Taolin guard, only to protect you to give me the greatest wealth, cherish every moment.

Years are a trip, we may know the snow was removed from the beautiful flying, meteor fleeting shine. Each of us has their own wings, but also have a heart for the ideal and the struggle of the heart, even more cherish the wings of time, in order to enjoy the panoramic view of the eyes, peep under the barred of prosperity. If there is no such wings to lead us to the top of life, even if it has a unique advantage, will also be lost.

Every life is due to cherish and live full and full, since the choice of the direction of the front must be shining; since the choice of cherish the hands of both hands, we must cherish the time. Look up at the day, sometimes the sunny, sometimes stormy. When life encounters a storm, let us cherish life, that hundreds of millions of wet particles traveled into the milky white fog sea, poke the fog sea, I know that the day of the wind again. I will waved goodbye to the storm, smiled, bathed in the sun gave me the gift, the true meaning of life.

We do not need a leaf boat, find that pool of small Lan; no need to handle a bamboo stick, to chase that thousands of miles flow Lan. Just a cavity to cherish the flow of years, all things are beautiful scenery. Looking back, life on the road covered with cherished footsteps, such as gold-like shiny!
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