Luoning pulp noodles

Spaghetti is a popular snack of Luoning people. Spaghetti is placed in the appropriate temperature of the milk, fermented acid, and then into the pot heated to about 80 degrees, the liquid will have a mushroom-like pulp Mu. Then add a little sesame oil, repeated mixing, to be boiling, the noodles into the next, it is best miscellaneous noodles. Mix the batter so that it is lake-like. Then, the modulation of the salt, green onion, green beans, celery, leeks, pepper to join. Pulp noodles made simple, low cost, taste the United States, easy to digest, and thus spread since ancient times has become a strong local characteristics of local food.

Pulp noodles legend: It is said that the Qing Dynasty Luoyang a poor family, will pick up the green beans into soy milk, separated by a few days, found that soy milk rancid acid, fell reluctantly, even grinding beans did not earn back, then random Lost some leaves, boiled paste, a delicious taste, then every family emulate, spread to. Spend a thirty-five cents on the streets scoop two scoop acid, home made of rice pulp, thick, a pot of food to feed a large family, it is!