Luoning pot helmet

Luoning pot helmet is a delicious traditional Chinese snacks, belonging to the Department of Henan cuisine. Off to Luoning, do not eat Luoning gourmet meat pork cooker, can be described as a big regret. The fermentation of the surface of the oil layer of padded with salt, chopped green onion and other roll into a half inch thick round cake, placed in the small stone pot inside the bottom, the bottom with charcoal fire, up and down tight turn. Branded and yellow and crisp and coke of the pie, that is, said helmet. The pot helmet cut into two or four minutes, the knife from the center of the slit, within the clip cut into pieces of halogen pork, you can eat. So eat up and fragrant and crisp, you can make your mouth flow oil, incense full of intestines, full of a burp is also meaty mouthful.