Pork and pork folder

Off to Luoning, do not eat Luoning gourmet meat pork cooker, can be described as a big regret. Stewed meat, but put the pork into a variety of seasoning in the iron pot stew cooked, color brown, Wei Xiang. Pot of helm, that is, the surface of the fermentation of the oil layer of padded salt, chopped green onion and other roll into a half inch thick round cake, placed in the small stone pad inside the small pot, the bottom with charcoal fire, up and down tight, baked into a cake Luo Ning called the helmet. Different from the field of Rouga Mo, the meat are chopped, where the pot helmet with the blade into the upper and lower layers, the middle with a slight chunk of chilled meat, "Oh Chi" chew up, pack you incense straight To tremble