The eight business models of Taiwan's literary creation

Cultural and creative business including cultural and creative retail, specialty catering, theatre-style commercial space, exhibition space and other models, they will be cultural creativity and business together, implanted local culture, create a unique business experience space, by the market hot.

Taiwan is the most developed region of the cultural theme industry in Southeast Asia.After years of accumulation, Taiwan's cultural and creative industries have nurtured many well-known brands.

At present, Taiwan's literary creation business covers artistic performance, Cross-border cuisine, Life aesthetics retail, theme cafes, multiplex bookstore, cartoon cartoon, Wen Chong Industrial Park, features such as accommodation and many other categories.So let us start from the development of Taiwan's literary industry, see "Wen Chong +" can develop into what kinds of models?

I. Artistic performance-integrating traditional humanistic art into modern fashion

The highest form of culture is art.The public life also needs art embellishment, Taiwan's literary creation art market is very developed.For example, Lin's "Cloud Gate Dance Set", Pai Xian's "Peony Pavilion", Chen Mieo "Han-Tang Yuefu".

Ii. cross-border cuisine-creating real life homes

From Ang Lee's famous film "Diet Men and women", and then to Taipei's famous Shilin Night Market, each of Taiwan's specialty restaurants can form a passenger engine and tipping point.

Taiwan's understanding of catering has risen to the process aesthetic level, that is, the nutritional taste of food, but also exquisite food space ritual shaping.For example, a garden restaurant full of Oriental Zen rhyme.

The Life esthetics Retail-creates the guest base camp

Advocating "life aesthetics" and carrying out "Taiwan Life Craft Movement" is the fundamental motive for Taiwan to reshape the new retailing industry.Advocating pro-Pro, whole-hearted devotion to work spirit and life attitude, and pay attention to each link process, the pursuit of perfection of the realm, from the "people" began to revolution, is a cradle of visitors.For example, Franz French Blue porcelain, glass workshop and so on.

Iv. Theme Cafe-Urban youth Spiritual habitat

In a bookstore, coffee, boutique gourmet café to experience the fun of modern fashion life, visiting friends and relatives, bred a refined café culture.

The café is one of the most popular and attractive businesses in Taiwan's literary creation.The café in Taiwan is not so much a recreational platform as a spiritual habitat for the youth community.For example, Moooonrivercafe&books, through 9,000 kilometers to you, Gabee.

Five, cartoon animation-and place to create a combination

Cartoon animation is from life, higher than the art form of life, when you see Jimmy-style inspirational, feelings, full of life feeling of animation works appear in front of the time, the emotional resonance from the heart arises spontaneously, thus for Taiwan's society has added a thick human touch.For example, to make steamed bread for the prototype of the cartoon characters-steamed bread family.

Six, Prudential Goods bookstore-a generation of creators of the leader

Prudential Goods Bookstore in Taiwan, is already a way of life representatives.This stick to 20 years to gradually do strong brand, behind the essence is to adhere to the humanistic ideals of feelings.

Nowadays, a new generation of commercial shopping centers with bookstores as its core has become the classic model of frequent imitation in the mainland.

Vii. featured agriculture and accommodation-a "small but beautiful" business philosophy

High-quality agriculture is a world-class industrial category in Taiwan, the most creative is to combine the agricultural industry and tourism industry effectively, mobilize the power of people's innovation, the farm will be transformed into family parent-child tourism destinations, resulting in superimposed economic and social effects.

Viii. Cultural and creative Industry Park-China creation incubator

With Songshan-wen as the representative of the Special Park, a collection of Taiwan's various literary entrepreneurial state as a whole, Taiwan's current most important literary creation incubator.

Project from the decline of the plant through the cage-style transformation, build a new type of literary industry park, to become a Taiwanese language to create a foreign exchange of a window.