The next five years of China's scenic spot

China's scenic areas in recent years, the development of too fast, this is not a good thing, like the feed of the big chicken ducks, with inherent security risks.It is mentioned today that the next five years of Chinese scenic spots, in fact, five years or ten years.We are not prophets, we talk about a trend, a future of our own understanding.

A large number of scenic spots in a non-existent

Rare for the expensive, scenic area of the bursting growth, means that the industry will soon enter a crazy shuffle stage, and this process is undoubtedly bloody.The rapid growth of the number of scenic spots, shortening the time distance, will also become the best catalyst for this process.Some people will be very curious, why is it in all but not corpses, in fact, the reason is very simple, that is to die.We only see a lot of money into, but overlooked an important problem, the scenic spot of blind investment is very burning money, tens of millions of may not see anything, but this may be a lot of boss most of the belongings.Continuous investment is to make the fund base more and more big, so large sums of money is stuck, still difficult to produce benefits, I believe for who is the rhythm of heart bleeding.

Because blindly follow the reason, the general quality of China's scenic areas are low, eager to rush to the rush and lead to a substantial increase in investment costs, which for investors, nothing but an intangible to their own increased risk.

Product quality is poor, poor resources, the follow-up funds, can be replaced by enhanced, talent, plus a "dead", the whole of a live off "in name only".The scenic spot originates from the public resources, eventually also will return to the public resources, then really does not need everywhere to spend the ticket (because collect the ticket all Laid-off, the income is lower than the operating cost).Do not invest no guests come, invest money not to return investment, believe that fools know how to choose, but too much money into idle assets, not to revitalize the national economy is a loss, but the invigorated and who can turn the tide?

Second, the real scenic killer is capital

There are many killers in the scenic area, or the system, or talent, but the real first killer is capital, because, "capital" not only can kill those who are very sick of the "scenic spot", more can kill those healthy and lively scenic area.Scenic investment, very few people from their pockets, financing is all the scenic spots to obtain investment funds of the common means, the more large-scale scenic areas, the greater the amount of financing.Pocket money is thick, the investment mentality expands naturally, the investment in the scenic spot, a few billion to spend, minutes can be done.But in the scenic area, want to earn a few billion, that but need weeks accumulation.Changwei spend more, the mood of spending money is very cool, but this money is to need cost, look at China famous big scenic spot, and have a few dare to share the real earnings?

The financial cost is higher than the operating cost itself is a hidden danger, but the financial cost is higher than the profit, we can only borrow the new debt to repay the old debt, and this will eventually become a lot of big scenic spots nightmare (because the small scenic area can not be so sustainable financing).The internal reorganization of state-owned assets and the prostitution of private scenic spots will be staged in the future (if the core issues are not resolved now).

Capital entry for any industry is an effective promotion, but also a necessary link for social development, but the development needs of high-quality assets to support.But the current situation is the capital entered, but did not create high-quality assets, the original high-quality assets has become a quick profit of the tool, the bad scenery is still bad, good scenery but also add to the burden.

Third, the first-class scenic spot independent AO

Any industry has ups and downs, the big situation also hides small countercurrent (fine countercurrent), the market needs fine, no matter how the big situation, the quality will always upstream.Although many first-class scenic spots have become the tool of capital profit-making, but with the recognition of the industry, the bubble is bound to burst.For the first-class scenic Area manager will also be a big touch, this for the scenic Area operation Management will be a positive, adjust the financial structure, the scenic spot to the healthy development track, will be the main task of the scenic operators (first-class resources are in the hands of the state, the national force will also appear), Know good and bad, traffic change space, First-class scenic spots will be more sought after, 3 million levels (real data, 3 million) of the natural area will be broken, singing all the way.However, the test of the scenic area is also enormous, simply by expanding the volume is not to solve the increase in the number of tourists, but is the brand of impairment (blind expansion leads to product experience decline), how to do a good job of scheduling, the best products sold to tourists, will become the core of the future development of

The foundation instability is the present situation of Chinese scenic spot, but the market demand is indeed a boutique-oriented, for the scenic area do not have the idea of rapid withdrawal of funds, to be used as a heritage product thinking to seriously treat the building, the future belongs to fine, but the fine and very few, the future of the first-class scenic area can absolutely alone to be defeated.

Iv. Technology and performing arts become the cutting edge of scenic spot

The largest investment in the scenic area is infrastructure, we really take out to sell, most of them are not we create, we sell, is the nature of the workmanship, is the wisdom of the predecessors left.For the scenic area, most of the scenic area to build personnel, is almost a road and bridge workers, with the most comfortable way to connect the most beautiful scenery.

Visitors to the scenic spot is to find happiness, looking for a different life, but with the booming development of China's shanzhai scenic spots, the same as the biggest difference, the novelty is missing, tourism has become a person's walk, walk to see, boring and boring.See the Great Mountains of water, how can easily be shocked by the scenery, the best products are definitely not spent to create a landscape, but to allow tourists reasonable, compliance legal flirt tourists, is to let strange people no longer unfamiliar.

Rapid social development, but more and more human touch, lack of communication has become a social illness, the only "friend" has become a mobile phone, loneliness occupies the heart of each person's corner, breaking loneliness will also become a common demand.Technology can make our imagination come true, it can bring too much magic, new sense will come from technology, some people will think that this still needs a process of research and development (this is wrong), in fact, science and technology tourism projects have been formed, the future will be widely used, we have to do is to live in other areas of science and technology applications, Simple packaging changes will immediately become a highlight item.Technology changes life.Technology also changes scenic spots.

Breaking the barriers between tourists is a fun and popular job, so that one person's (and possibly a few) travel, become thousands of people travel, performing arts is the best medium.The traditional cognition of tourism performing Arts, is the scene performing arts, is the stage drama, is the garden performance and so on, any kind is the heavy money to build, the high operating cost, this for the scenic Area development is the risk and the opportunity coexist, because, wants to run successfully an acting, is a challenge for any team.At the same time, in addition to the theme park in the Performing arts, other scenic areas of the performing arts projects are independent existence, most is a matching, it is difficult to say is a whole, 1+1>2 the fullness of the results often become 1+1<2 of the bone sense of reality.The Independent tourism Performing arts project not only has high cost, but also professional and high daily operation cost, so it is more difficult to build a successful traditional tourism performing project than to build a successful scenic spot.

The future of the performing arts, will be a harmony with the scenic area of the performance of the form, the scenic area is not only the stage, staff and visitors is the actor, the real core power from the continuous renovation of the activities of the planning and innovation, give everyone a reason to flirt, let everyone happy together.This is a low investment, low operating costs of the performing arts, but also the best display of the cultural will of the scenic spot, with this blending mode of performing arts, to give the soul to the scenic area.

 V. Investment in scenic areas tends to be calm

The current situation of the investment in the scenic spot really a little "big dry, early scattered" rhythm, do not know should not be attributed to China's traditional culture, "boast not taxed", hundreds of millions of, billions of, tens of billions of, this is really happy in the mouth, obviously not accounts.In fact, most of the scenic spot investment play is not a scenic spot, but the scenic spot as a cover, playing with real estate and capital operations.Unfortunately, most of the play is not the essence of the last to play their own exhausted.

Scenic investment in the eyes of the absolute low threshold, money into, it is like not to spend their own home money.However, the investment in the scenic area is really easy to earn money easily, calculate the account, you will find that many of the investment in the scenic spot is dead investment, because, is full load operation, also make not return cost.A hot investment boom is bound to be a bloody, spend money to buy lessons, fools can also learn sperm.Whether you can succeed in doing something depends not on how much success you have seen, but how many failures you have seen, failure is not only the success of his mother, but also an investor's meditation prescription.


Vi. the development of scenic spots is unprecedented

The initial stage of the development of the scenic spot, the most difficult point lies in the treatment of various relations, in many ways or money good pace of work, again difficult things generally rich can be accommodated to solve.With the passage of time, a variety of legal provisions gradually sound, protection is more important than development, how to solve the relationship between protection and development, which will become the most scenic investors difficult.In the past, the investment of our scenic area is an area without threshold, but the perfection of regulations will set a threshold for the investment of scenic spot.

The present Chinese scenic Area is a multiple management of the current situation, is a cultural relic, is a protected area, is the cultural heritage.All kinds of overlapping, representing the future overlapping of laws and regulations, in the overlapping of different laws and regulations to look for opportunities, this will undoubtedly let many traditional ideas of the development of scenic spots.The future needs of the development of scenic areas is innovation, but this is not only the project innovation, more should be the thinking of innovation, in accordance with the current scenic Area investment thinking, in the future of the scenic area will encounter bottlenecks, this will be a pattern of metamorphosis.