The 6 Most promising towns

The 6 Most promising towns

The characteristic town of the Tuyere: is Yihongershang, or an important opportunity?

Featured Town is hot.About the characteristics of the town, there are divergent views, some people say the characteristics of small town Yihongershang will not flood?Did the developers change a vest for the real estate project?There is a real problem of overheating in a small town.So the characteristic town of the Tuyere: is Yihongershang, or an important opportunity?

The mission of Special town

Since last year the country proposed in three years to focus on the development of 1000 characteristics of the town, the country has emerged a lot of characteristics of small towns, inevitably have impostors.This also reflects the Chinese social development of a law: Whenever a new thing appears, it will be yihongershang, the smell.

Is there a huge business opportunity behind the Yihongershang boom?

1, characteristics of the town behind the power: new urbanization, or innovation-driven?

How to make a town more "special"?

What is the power behind a small town?Based on the characteristics of the town Yihongershang, the development of overheating, the most likely inference is that it is China's urbanization development of the second half of the product.

In the first half of China's urbanization, the main city and the park, supporting real estate all the way; China's urbanization in the second half, advocating new urbanization, urban and rural co-ordination, beautiful countryside, including the creation of various characteristics of the town.

So some have been arguing years ago: economists advocate big cities and sociologists advocate the development of small cities.The 30 years of urbanization in China, in fact, is the Economist's route, the population and industry are concentrated in the big cities.So, urbanization into the second half, is not going to start to spread the development of small cities?

It should be said that there is a real possibility.But it must be seen that China's urbanization, the various resource elements will also be more focused on the big cities.This process, professional surgery is called "polarization."This polarization will continue for many years to come.It is not easy to let the housing prices fall in big cities such as north and deep.

So, what is the real power behind this round of small town development?We believe that innovation is the driving force.

2, the nature of the characteristics of the town: Innovative business incubator, global network node, anti-Magnetic Center

First of all, the characteristic town is the innovation business incubator.Although most of the town is located in the suburbs, its core attraction is not low-cost, by the low-cost attracted to the population and industry, may be a common Wessing, or a common industrial park.

Do not pay attention to industry, feature town must not live

Secondly, the characteristic town is a global network node.The characteristic town should be incorporated into the Global Industrial Division system, highlighting the characteristics in one aspect and even having a certain global influence.

Again, the characteristic town is the anti-magnetic center.Characteristics of the town to break the spread of the pie-style expansion, jumping out, in the city has a considerable distance to develop, focus on high-end talent and high-end elements, as well as high-end industry and industry high-end.Thanks to the highway and intercity traffic, especially the development of rail transit, some large cities outside the characteristics of small towns have the conditions to become anti-magnetic center.

The future of special town

1, the most promising 6 characteristics of small towns

The following 6 characteristics of small towns:

① small town, the internet town

② Small town Intelligent Manufacturing Town, new Energy town, Smart Logistics town

③ "Financial Town" fund Town, Fortune Town

④ "Cultural Small Town" performing arts small town, film and television town, art town, specialty small town

⑤ "Small town of tourism" hot spring town, food town, amusement town, sports town, navigation town

⑥ "Healthy small Town" medical and nourishing small town, Kang raise small town

The first 3 types of industrial characteristics of the town:

The first is the small town of Science.Including a small town, the Internet town, and so on.Create a small town, mainly for the "double-Chuang", for example, we in Foshan Nanhai planning era of a small town, as well as in Zhengzhou airport in the planning of the original town, etc., the Internet town, the most typical of Zhejiang's large data town, cloud computing town, the network of things, such as the cross-trade town.

The second is the town of Wisdom.Including intelligent manufacturing town, new Energy town, intelligent logistics town.In the industrial base and industrial clusters developed well, such as the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and other regions, to the industrial 4.0, the era of intelligent upgrading, relying on robots, unmanned aircraft and other intelligent manufacturing, to build a small town of wisdom, will also be a number of development zones to break through One direction.

The third type is the financial town.such as the fund town, wealth town.In large cities, especially in the first-tier cities are the most conditional development, and a limited number, usually a city has a financial town is enough.

These are three types of industrial towns, the request to the thinking of the real estate, to take the pure industrial thinking to take seriously, rather than as a concept to the enclosure, it must not go far.

The latter 3 kinds of life-style characteristics of small towns:

The first is the cultural town.Including performing arts small town, film and television town, art town, specialty small town.For example, the film and television town, such as well-known Hengdian film shooting base to drive the tourism model, as well as China's happiness in the company to build a film town, an international standard film factory

The second is the small town of tourism.such as hot Springs town, food small town, amusement town, sports town, navigation town and so on.

The third type is the healthy town.such as the hospital to raise small town, Kang raise small town.

From the quantitative point of view, the characteristics of life-style small town will undoubtedly be the mainstream of China's characteristics of the town.China has a population of more than 1 billion, which has a strong demand for leisure, vacation, health and wellness.

2, characteristic small town operator will surface

The development of characteristic town can not be separated from the government's planning and guidance.In particular, the Government should take the lead in formulating the development plan of "characteristic small town group" in the whole area.Of course, the development of the final characteristic town is not the government behavior, but the government platform and the market as the main body.A special town, by a number of dispersed main body to operate obviously not, need to be co-ordinated by a carrier.

With the booming characteristics of small towns, "featured small town operators" will officially surface.For example, specializing in the operation of healthy small town, specializing in the operation of small towns, specialized in the operation of the small town of the performing arts ... A variety of professional operators will be the way, these operators specialize in small town planning, planning, construction, investment and operation.

3, the momentum is more important than the homeopathy

The essence of characteristic town is innovation, is the product of creativity.Building the characteristics of the town is not based on the existing resources in the town, the need for our way of thinking from "living within our means" to "quantity out of", creative planning.For example, Davos town, Bo ' ao Town, there is no special thing, are man-made momentum.

The market is created, and the momentum is more important than the homeopathy.To creatively plot the town of character.Now many characteristics of the town or one-step planning, very static, no vitality, no soul.Our mission is to find the soul of the special town, with planning to guide planning.

4. From platform to King to content

The core of characteristic town is industry, from planning to landing, resource integration is the core.We have been committed to the integration of Literature brigade, health and other industrial resources, in order to provide a special town planning program, and then to assist in the introduction of high-quality content resources.