Whether the National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Culture can achieve 1+1>2 effect


Cultural and tourism integration, mutual support, has become the trend of industry development.According to the State Council reform programme, which was brought to the attention of the 13 NPC, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will not be retained.After the reform, the literature travel industry will realize the unified management and overall development, which is conducive to the prosperity and development of the great culture and the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry.

More and more overlap degree of culture and tourism industry will usher in unified management.March 13, the State Council reform programme brought to the 13 National People's Congress to consider a meeting.Under the programme, after the reform, the National Tourism Administration will merge with the Ministry of Culture and establish the Ministry of Cultural and Tourism.The former Ministry of Culture and National tourism Administration will no longer retain.Industry insiders said that the cultural tourism sector integration, is expected to promote a more open vision of cultural and tourism projects, and further promote Chinese culture out of the country, into the world.

Culture "Going Out"

Under the State Council reform programme, the Ministry of Culture and National tourism Administration should be integrated, and the Ministry of Cultural and Tourism should be formed.Its primary responsibility is to to implement the party's propaganda and cultural work policy, to study and formulate policies and measures for cultural and tourism work, to co-ordinate the planning of cultural undertakings, cultural industries, tourism development, in-depth implementation of cultural huimin projects, organize the implementation of cultural resources survey, excavation and protection work, and maintain various cultural markets including the tourism market order, We should strengthen foreign cultural exchanges and further promote Chinese culture to "go out".

Since "Thirteen-Five", China has promulgated a series of policies to promote the development of the tourism industry, and further promoted the combination of the literature travel industry.Among them, the State Council's opinion on speeding up the development of tourism, put forward that by 2020, China's tourism industry scale, quality, efficiency, basically to the world's tourism power level."The national" Thirteen-Five "period of cultural development reform plan" requirements, to "Thirteen-Five" at the end of the cultural industry will become a pillar-oriented industry.Under the policy promotion, the current Literature brigade industry development momentum is very strong.

The new type of industry represented by cultural tourism is rising rapidly, and more and more provinces and cities have made clear that cultural tourism should be regarded as the main direction of strategic pillar industry and industrial transformation and upgrading.As of December 31, 2016, the number of Chinese-language travel funds reached more than 100, the scale of tens of billions of more than 10.At the same time, Shanghai Disney's IP, Infante's "bear infestation", the "Eternal Love" and the legendary series of Chinese literature tour has been highly recognized by the market.In addition, with the characteristics of small towns, pastoral complex, beautiful villages and traditional Chinese medicine tourism, research, tourism, Wenboven, such as the development of emerging industries, cultural industry and tourism industry as a strategic pillar of the status of the industry is also being strengthened.

In response to the proposal, State Councilor Wang Yong said that the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is to enhance and demonstrate cultural self-confidence, the integration of cultural undertakings, cultural industry development and Tourism resources development, improve the national cultural soft power and cultural influence, promote cultural undertakings, cultural industries and tourism integrated development.

Management is timely and change

In fact, prior to the merger, with the development of cultural and tourism industries, the relevant regulatory agencies have undergone many adjustments, including withdrawal and recovery.

The first form of the Ministry of Culture is the Ministry of Culture of the Central People's government, established on October 1, 1949, as the State administration, under the guidance of the AC Culture and Education committee, to conduct a unified leadership and management of cultural and artistic affairs nationwide.

September 1954, the PRC State Council was established.According to the Constitution of the State Council, the State Council changes the Ministry of Culture of the Central People's government to the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China and replaces the relevant work.June 1970, under the State Council's streamlining program, the CPC Central Committee decided to revoke the Ministry of Culture and set up the State Council cultural group.But five years later, in January 1975, the National People's Congress decided to reinstate the Ministry of Culture and revoke the State Council cultural group.

Since then, the ministry has undergone a series of adjustments.In 1982, the 23rd meeting of the NPC Standing Committee decided to merge the Ministry of Culture, the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, the State Publishing administration, the State administration of cultural relics, the foreign language publishing and distribution agency, and set up the Ministry of Culture of the PRC.In June 1987, the Cultural Relics Administration of the Ministry of Culture was replaced by the State administration of cultural relics, which is still under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, but independently exercising authority, planning, finance and material distribution.1988, the State Council again to carry out institutional reform, the Ministry of Culture, Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, the State Publishing authority, the State administration of cultural relics, foreign language publishing Business Bureau, the establishment of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China.Through this reform, the Ministry of Culture will merge with the National Tourism Administration to form the Ministry of Cultural and Tourism.

Similarly, tourism administrations have undergone several reforms.1964, the State Council set up the China Travel tour Business Administration, as the State Council management International, domestic tourism business functions of the department.1993, the Department was listed under the State Council directly under the agency.August 1998, with the approval of the State Council, began to use the "People's Republic of China tourism" name and seal, the original name and seal to discontinue use.Since then, the National Tourism Administration has been the State Council's direct authority for travel.

Pathfinder 1+1>2

The industry believes that the formation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, through the cultural and tourism work planning, will promote the integration of cultural and tourism development played a huge role in promoting.

Wei Pengju, dean of the School of Culture and Media at the Central University of Finance and Economics, said that the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was closely related to the practice of Chinese cultural construction."Now the integration of culture and tourism more and more high, cross and support each other, and this is an international practice, South Korea is a cultural tourism sector, the international many countries are doing so."From the trend point of view, this is conducive to the prosperity of cultural development, tourism transformation and upgrading, from tourism to experience tourism transition, but also to develop cultural creativity, experience the economy.”

It is understood that at this stage, some enterprises have begun to layout cultural and tourism integration projects.In the film and television industry, Virtual Entertainment has become a lot of business development.Huayi Brothers As an example, as early as in 2011, Huayi Brothers rely on its IP reserves to enter the real entertainment, at present Huayi Brothers has completed a nationwide 20 real entertainment project layout, covering the film town, film world, film city and cultural city of four product forms.

In recent years, along with the literature brigade town, "Culture + scenic spot" and other projects, the development of the literature travel industry has a certain embryonic form.However, due to the existence of homogeneous and disorderly competition, the effect of development has been unsatisfactory.Earlier, Beijing deputy Mayor Wn has also repeatedly mentioned the culture and Tourism combined development planning.WN that last year, Beijing divided three cultural belt, these "lines" with a large number of cultural resources, but has not been fully utilized."Our story has not yet spoken well, so there is no good tourism resources."”

In this respect, Beijing University Cultural Industry Research Institute, Deputy dean of the Ministry of Culture Innovation and development of cultural industry, deputy director Chen Shao also pointed out that the current domestic scenic tourism ticket income generally accounted for too much, this is also a lack of cultural product development of tourism projects brought about by the drawbacks.After the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it will help to increase the mining of cultural industry and make hardware serve content.

Shen Wangshu, deputy director of Beijing Institute of Cultural Development, said that the formation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is a kind of chain-like survival, rather than the past fragmentation, resulting in a lot of time the cultural field has a strong content but not very good form, with a form and lack of content.Wang Xingbin, director of the Institute of Tourism Science, Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute, sees the merger of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a combination of China's national conditions, the nature of tourism, and the trend of triad culture tourism.Wang Xingbin further introduced, before the State Council had proposed that by 2015, the proportion of tourism increase accounted for the national GDP increased to 4.5%, to achieve the 2020 tourism industry scale, quality and efficiency of the world's most powerful tourism power level.Wang Xingbin that the unique style in the international tourism is the core competitiveness of China's tourism, but also the basis for the sustainable development of tourism.The combination of tourism and culture makes the culture more vigorous and tourism more attractive.