Young handsome dad put his daughter into a Chinese fairy, beautiful to let people want to have children!


Nanjing has a young handsome father called Wanli, is a painter,

There are two little girls at home, 3 and 5 years old.

He has been painting his daughter for 3 years, drawing 10 hours a day.

The daughter in the painting, play in the Chinese garden,

There are landscape flowers and birds, plants, fish and insects accompanied,

The Western oil painting, painting the artistic conception of Chinese painting.

The daughter is painting China and America like Fairies,

Or two vivid, super cute little Chinese fairy!

The editorial king of Wan Li is slightly spicy


I am Wan Li, 33 years old, professional painter, and now live in Nanjing with his wife Feng Yan.The big daughter is called blossoming, 5-year-old half, the little daughter is called Meng Meng, 3-year-old half.

I created 15 pieces of my daughter, and I've been painting for 3 years.

My wife and I are Chinese Academy of Fine Arts students, but I read for six months, I dropped out.I entered the Design institute, professional not counterparts, then back to Nanjing, want to more attentively painting.After graduating from the academy, the wife stayed in Hangzhou to work as an interior designer.

I told my wife that there was a house in Nanjing and asked her to decorate it.My wife quit her job without hesitation and returned to Nanjing to marry me.She is also very supportive of my drawing.

I have been studying Western traditional portraits.After the birth of my older daughter, I thought I could draw a daughter.

When she was 2 and a half years old, wearing a small blue and white porcelain vest, comb a small pull, I think the image is very good, gave her the first painting works.

The image of the older daughter is very much the temperament of Chinese traditional children.On the basis of Western realistic oil painting, I have incorporated Chinese traditional elements and artistic conception, such as Flower and bird flea, turquoise, Chinese garden classical window frame, forming a kind of oil painting different from Western tradition.

The children's clothes, plate hair, small ponytail, are my wife to take care of.

They like all kinds of princess stories, China's little fairy, so very much like this kind of Chinese clothing and bun, usually this trip, to the kindergarten, dressed also very comfortable.

Daughter Younger, very lively, it is impossible to sit there for me to draw, I will snap her demeanor and movements.

I would take pictures of my daughter playing, eating sugar, staring blankly, staring at toys, and combing my hair with toys.She will be more quiet, but also more natural, is a child is really a manifestation of it.

Then according to the daughter's demeanor and action composition.Add some Chinese elements to form the whole picture.After finalizing, draw slowly.

Each piece should be painted for one months, drawing 8-10 hours a day, much longer.

The longest painting I've drawn is the brook.The painting was 180x80 cm and was created for two months.

The most difficult thing is the combination of eastern and Western culture.

I like the picture in front of the window best.The daughter at that time lowered head, very earnestly looked at the toy in hand.I thought it was a good look and snapped it.

When I look at this picture, I think more of the east of a calm idea, it is worthy of the Chinese garden window frame, behind the bamboo stone, forming an oriental meaning rhyme picture.Daughter in the hands of toys, I use bamboo substitution, and the background integration, performance of children playing in the garden scene.

The picture of "The Butterfly" captures a moment when the daughter grabs the toy.I just thought, can have a very vivid object, let her have crawl movement, thought of butterfly.I was integrated into the Qing Dynasty castiglione "hundred Butterflies", the interception of the elements of the butterfly, it dismantled and reconstructed, forming a child in the grasp of butterflies in the dynamic, very interesting.

Of the 15 paintings, 14 are of the older daughters.Her character is relatively quiet, when the snapshot, there is a kind of oriental children's taste, more in line with my creation.

The little girl looked and protested to me.She said: "This is all my sister, what about me?"Then he walked away angrily.

I created her in the Lotus pond, there are small fish, ducklings, a very lovely work.She looked very like, and now she will not blame me.

It took me 3 years to draw my daughter, and during that time, my daughter changed very much.She is 2 years old and a half fat toot, to 5 years old, the face of the baby fat No, grow very fast, a little more than I imagined.

I want to keep her lovely side forever.

These 15 works, in the cloud art space to do a show, also out of the album.

Many adults read and said: Want to cheat me to have a daughter!The child looked, said to the parents: "You see, this is someone else's father."

My wife used to take a lot of pictures in micro-mail.In fact, a lot of parents to children to take pictures, after the photo archive, they never take out repeatedly look.

I prefer to use paintings to record the love of children, but also to give children a gift in the process of growing up.For children, she will see the works in the future, is a very valuable memories.

I'm going to draw my daughter until I can't move it.

Many parents saw my daughter's works, and asked me to give their children a painting in the Chinese garden environment, save the memory of childhood.

I can understand the emotional devotion of parents to their children.Are all connected and realized.