No matter what the mood is now, come to the Spirit village is right!

You said, every day for life too busy

No time to stop to enjoy the flowers on the roadside

You say, always in the circle of Friends crazy Praise

But it's rarely praised by the closest people around.

You said that every day is nine to five

I said, I wish you could roam the

Once you start to travel

You'll find the beauty that's not easy to notice

It's actually on the other corner.

When I feel bored.

Go to the gods ' village.

Nature's craftsmanship gives you inspiration.

When I'm bored.

Go to the gods ' village.

The landscape does not speak, but unknowingly healed your heart

When I miss someone,

Go to the gods ' village.

The castle Peak is not as long as your brow, the water is not like your eyes

When you are happy.

Go to the gods ' village.

The clouds come and see the people in the fog, the cloud from the foot

When I was tired,

Go to the gods ' village.

Thousands of years of historical circulation, bring you strength and power

Every day, passing a lot of scenery

Met a lot of people, heard a lot of stories

Regardless of mood good mood bad, the Spirit village can always give you countless scenery

The next second, meet the beautiful encounter