The Autumn Tiger!Detonate the spirits and drift!

Do you remember the last July?

Is 40 degrees of heat.

Carelessness becomes this:

So August has become a good time to drift and play with water.

The autumn Tiger is here.

The spirits are drifting on fire!

Thrilling crossing + Wonderland to avoid a layer of heat wave, looking for one side cool, catch the hot tail, to the mountain waves!


Thrilling stimulation 
The spirit of the river drifting in the north of the gods, relying on the nature of the spirit of the terrain, the length of 5 kilometers, drop about 110 meters, lasted 2-3 hours.You do not have to worry about drifting time too long will be boring, along the way there are more than 10 slides, three bends 90 percent, sometimes fast and slow, and every time the slide down is wet body cool!

 Wonderland Tour 

The whole air fresh, green trees, mountain streams, natural beauty panoramic view.If more people come together, but also can play water, can be said to be the nature of the aquatic paradise, is very suitable for the whole family together summer vacation!


There are hundred meters fountain, water waterfall wonders, blue waves Qingtan

Here, easy get beat the new play of the Autumn Tigers!

Ah, shout spring.

One bridge, two springs, two waterfalls full strength

Shout a voice and release the pressure

Waterfall Strange Hole

A curtain of water curtains splashed, soaked in body and mind

To give you the qinru of heart and spleen

Happy Colorful Slide

The grassland chute with the color value contrary to the sky

To experience the freedom of the general flying

Colorful dry sliding preferential activities in progress
The gods Zhai Colorful dry sliding tickets 30 yuan/person, is the implementation of the following concessions: ☑ only buy a ticket, you can 2 people play; ☑ single visitors can skate more than once.