Tanabata If someone asked you to come here, you promised!

Tanabata Valentine's Day is coming up.

You want to go to the festival?

No instead focusing, there's a love confession here

No one's alone

There's not a crowd of people who are noisy

Only the romance of two of your people!

In the spirit of the village

There is a love called eachother

With the sunrise and sunset, whole days spent

Promise me you'll see the sunrise with him.

Can accompany you to sleep all night, wait for the sunrise the person

Must have treated you as the sun in his heart.

Mountain Stream Meet the bosom friend

I met you.

Walk through 4,466 stone steps

Climb the 1600-metre peak

Witness the unique love, romantic enough!

The old tree grows green, love lasts forever

Thousand years old Tree Witness a beautiful story

In front of the Spirit tree, make a wood-stone Confederate

To witness your everlasting love

Time to witness love, mountains and lakes to witness you

The most romantic confession of Tanabata

Is I want to ask you to go to the Spirit village!

Tanabata Valentine's Day "about Hui" Spirit Village

The spirit Village colorful dry slippery ticket price 30 yuan/person, now implements the following offer:

☑ only buy a ticket, you can play 2 people;

☑ single visitors can skate more than once per person.